By Lubem Gena

Come Saturday, 13th January, 2024, the Children of Africa Leadership and Values Development Initiative (CALDEV) will be staging another Charity Walk and Children Party.

This walk, as always, which aims to support orphanages is to raise awareness about the plight of orphaned children and provide them with much-needed support.

The walk serves as a platform to bring together individuals, communities, and organizations to show solidarity and contribute towards improving the lives of these vulnerable children.

The walk not only raises funds but also aims to create a sense of unity and compassion among participants.

Equally, it provides an opportunity for people to actively engage in a charitable cause, fostering a sense of empathy and social responsibility. By participating in the walk, individuals can make a tangible difference in the lives of orphaned children by helping to meet their basic needs, such as food, shelter, education, and healthcare.

Furthermore, the Charity Walk helps to shed light on the challenges faced by orphanages and the importance of providing a nurturing and supportive environment for these children. It encourages society to recognize the potential of every child, regardless of their circumstances, and work towards creating a more inclusive and caring society.

Overall, the essence of the Charity Walk organized by CALDEV is to promote awareness, generate funds, and encourage active participation in efforts to support orphanages and improve the lives of orphaned children.

Public spirited individuals, corporate bodies, Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and indeed the general public is therefore called upon to hook this date and map out plans to lend their hands of support to this vision.

See you on 13th January.

Lubem Gena is the Director of Publicity at CALDEV