The basic thing we do and that people have identified us with mainly is the quest to make our society better. If that is a calling, we will continue to pay heed. However, the same society cannot be better if we continue to sacrifice visibly capable hands in our polity in place of very hollow and mundane considerations.

With the level of performance of Representative Bamidele Salam barely 3years in office, not only in the avalanche of funded or facilitated projects or empowerment programs for the good people of Ede North, Ede South, Egbedore Ejigbo Federal Constituency of Osun State, but his clear understanding of his primary assignment for which he was elected as a lawmaker, supporting him to continue in that office becomes an easy decision for me.

In this 9th assembly as constituted, Rep Bamidele Salam has proven to be a great addition. He has carved a niche of a national asset for himself. He has been a joy to watch while making eloquent and impactful contributions in leading motions and empathic bills. Without fear of sounding immodest, he hardly has a rival in the green chamber of the national assembly as an embryonic federal lawmaker.

Mixing passion for his constituency with that of national development, Bamidele Salam has demonstrated immense capacity and capability to be in that office he holds in trust for the people.

To underscore the fact that BS as we call him, is not an hollywood lawmaker puffing and honking around in elaborate kaftans with no clear purpose other than the title, he has stood right from the very rear of the assembly hallowed chamber to lead several motions and sponsored bills with rapt confidence of a man with inbuilt of legislative acumen.

Some of the Bills he has sponsored in just 3years as a legislator include:

1. HB. 708 A bill for an Act to establish the National Agency for Sickle cell Disease and other Heritable Blood Disorder. – Passed Second Reading and gone through public hearing on 5th May, 2021.

2. HB 700 A bill for an Act to establish the National Volunteer Service Agency – 1st Reading 13th February, 2020.

3. HB 709 A bill for an Act to amend the National Directorate of employment Act – Passed Second reading on 25th March, 2021

4. HB 909 A bill for an Act to establish the dedicated tax channels to fund various kinds of interventions for the purpose of job creation through provision of micro credit intervention tax – passed first reading on 9th july.2020

5. HB 1124 A bill for an Act to amend University Teaching Hospital (Reconstitution of boards etc) Act and for related matters – passed second reading on 2nd March, 2022

6. HB 1224 National Appreciation for Security Agencies and other matters related thereto bill, 202 – Passed first reading on 2nd March, 2021, second reading, stakeholder/public hearing and awaiting the committee’s report.

7. HB.1370 A bill for an Act to provide a legal framework for the regulation of recruitment into the civil service of the federation, in a manner that guarantees and promotes equal opportunities for job applicants and for other related matters –Passed first reading on 20th May, 2021

8. HB. 1369 A bill for an Act to amend the Pension Reform Act of 2004 and establish a Pension Tribunal- Passed first reading on 20th May, 2021.

9. HB1423 A bill for an Act to amend the Public Complaints Commission Act- Passed first reading on 10th June, 2021.

10. HB 1422 A bill for an Act to amend the provision of the Criminal Code Act.- Passed first reading on 10th June, 2021.

11. A bill for an Act to repeal Sales of Goods Act of 1993 and enact Sales of Goods Bill of 2021. Pending

A careful appraisal of the above Bills sponsored by Rep Bamidele Salam shows a man with indepth knowledge of inadequacies in our national life, which the sponsored bills intend to address when eventually they become part of the nation’s operational framework. His motions on the floor of the house which we will reel out in due course have also been thought provoking.

The distinction in his legislative marking of lawmaking will not allow leaders and good people of our well enlightened constituency settle for less. We have seen his likes getting tasked to do more even in other advanced nations of the world. We call those nations advanced today because they didn’t thrash gains of their democracy in the course of building their democratic towers.

We are aware the reason our country badly hemorrhage today is largely due to so many lacunae in the laws of the land, providing suitable nests for indolence and criminal complacency In service delivery in many sectors of the polity, leading to a very abysmal welfare turnover for the citizenry. This we must stop and be courageous enough to begin somewhere – encouraging our best with enough space to inspire the nation with their best.

With the new electoral act, the seat is open for contest at this time but we should be open to ourselves as Nigerians craving for a better deal for our dear nation. This Bamidele Salam should be encouraged as one of the emerging vessels taking us there. Bamidele Salam should be one of the gains of our nascent democratic experience which we cannot afford to waste.

BS-E4 Media Team