…We can’t thank you enough for these wonderful works – FEYDA National President

The hope of boosting power generation in Ẹdẹ Federal Constituency, was recently rekindled, just as the House of Representatives member representing the community, Hon Bamidele Salam, popularly known as BS – Best Servant, donated a 500KVA transformer to Surulere estate popularly known as Country Home at Abiye road.


While donating the transformer BS noted that the transformer was highlighted as key need in the community with the increase in the number of new buildings that are springing up in the area almost every day.


Again, barely two weeks after the donation of transformer to Surulere Estate in Ẹdẹ, Hon Salam again flooded Ẹdẹ with the donation of solar powered streetlights, continued from where he stopped the previous donation of the same and started erection from cassava market at Ọjà Tìmì to the Federal Polytechnic Ẹdẹ main gate of North Campus.


Hon. BS made a surprise tour of some villages in Alusẹ̀kẹ̀rẹ̀ ward of Ẹdẹ North Area Council, started from the popular Owódé town of Ẹdẹ, where he has approved the immediate construction of Police Station with the contractor expected to commence work on the site this week. While addressing people in all the villages he visited BS said “this tour is important for me to embark on because it gives me opportunity to have a better understanding of the gaps I needed to fill and collect first-hand data from the people of my constituency.”


In his closing remark yesterday, BS gave his assurance to members of his constituency that he is committed to ensuring that more requests would be fulfilled and Ẹdẹ Federal Constituency would experience rapid development from his representation.


FEYDA President, Com Abdulazeez Mufutaudeen Idowu, while expressing his gratitude to Hon Bamidele Salam for his contribution to the development of Ẹdẹ said” we cannot thank you enough for all these wonderful work you are doing in Ẹdẹ.


The transformer is long overdue in that area as it will alleviate the suffering of the residents, and the streetlights from Ọjà Tìmì to Bodè junction and Poly road will reduce the activities of those hoodlums, who have been causing unrests in that axis of the town.


Also, with the Police Station in Owódé Ẹdẹ, you are about to relief people of the stress of taking case to long distance Division A police station at Pẹ́rẹ́.”



Idowu prayed for BS that God almighty will not let his life knows darkness now and forever and may he always meet God at every point of his needs.

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