Dear BS-E4 Business and Leadership Bootcamp 2021 Applicants,

I wish to inform all applicants for the 2021 edition of our Business and Leadership Bootcamp which was postponed in January that the programme will commence soon.
However, you are please invited to note the following points:

Due to the large number of applicants for the programme ( About 570),the need to observe necessary measures in compliance with the Covid-19 protocols, as well as available resources for the programme, this year’s Bootcamp will be spread into three editions.
We will divide the participants into each of the editions and send you SMS accordingly. The selection will take into consideration the need for balancing in Local Government, Gender, Vocation of interest and qualifications.
The first edition will hold on Thursday 4th of March 2021 while dates will be communicated for the two other editions.
Only those who are selected and invited through SMS will be admitted for each edition of the Bootcamp.
Kindly note that we will try as much as possible to accommodate every qualified applicant but will seek for your patient cooperation in this regard.

Once again, thanks for the interest you have shown in the Business and Leadership Bootcamp 2021 as I look forward to seeing you in one of the programmes.

Yours in Service
Bamidele Salam MHR